Thomson Reuters Manila beefs up its customer service, credit and collection team

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s most trusted providers of answers for businesses and professionals is expanding its capabilities to better serve its clients around the world.

Thomson Reuters Manila office is keen on increasing its headcount among its Credit and Collection and Customer Service Teams to answer the growing demand for their service and to ensure efficient service given the unique situation brought by the pandemic.

The Collection Specialists will be taking care of the cash flow of the different segments, supporting both internal and external customers in billing queries and other account-related concerns, including resolving disputes.

“We have the flexibility to support customers in different time zones, plus the talent in Manila has the expected skills needed,” explains Lilibeth Repolidon, Group Manager, Credit and Collection at Thomson Reuters Manila.

Meanwhile, there will also be hiring of additional Customer Support Representatives who will work closely with clients in providing seamless post-sales services. The company is looking for candidates whose skills and values are aligned with Thomson Reuters’ ways of working. These are candidates who will put the customer first, look for ways to improve the status quo, deliver value, and empower themselves and others.

“Another consideration we also look at is stamina. Working on the night shift has its own challenges, and we want candidates who can adapt to or are well adjusted to this lifestyle,” shares Anierhoyce Ramos, Manager, Customer Service at Thomson Reuters Manila.

Those who are successful in their applications can expect full support from the company’s leaders and managers, from onboarding to training, with a structured plan for each employee.

“Even while working from home, new hires can expect that we will always work on employee development, creating different opportunities for them to learn new skills or develop their existing skills,” says Repolidon.

The move to increase headcount at the Manila office is a strategic decision for the company.

“As a company, we are tracking well against our targets, and with that comes the expectation of moving fast, if not faster, for our customers. We need to provide adequate support as our customers navigate the ‘new normal.’ We expect our customers will need more support as the current situation progresses, and we are responding to that by hiring more employees,” elaborates Ramos.

Interested applicants may visit the Thomson Reuters Careers portal to apply to available opportunities in the Manila office. Alternatively, if interested applicants know of existing Thomson Reuters employees, their applications may be sent as employee referrals.

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