PH new e-commerce solution to support enterprising Filipinos

Globally and locally, the lockdown forced upon us by the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the lives of everyone we know. It has caused anxiety as health and safety concerns coupled with economic and income uncertainties weighed down every Juan and Juana, setting back a broad spectrum of businesses.

While we know that many businesses folded up, as more than 50 percent of the MSMEs have closed down. There’s been zero revenue in tourism from April to October. Plus the most dreadful forecast is that about 5-10 million jobs are to be lost by end of 2020 if this situation continues.

But for every lock, there is a key and that remarkable and patented Filipino resiliency and ingenuity prove that we will survive and transcend this situation and be able to rebound together.

The founder and his Pinoy-bred e-commerce platform

Cognizant of the growing dominance of the larger foreign-owned e-commerce platforms, Vergil Bargola, founder and CEO of VeMoBro, a Pinoy-bred e-commerce platform that readies to pit against larger e-commerce companies with a noble mission to empower Filipino sellers and customers with hope through a new digital marketplace “with a heart for the Filipinos”. 

“While there are many e-commerce companies today that help online sellers, what VeMobro can offer is unique because we’re 100% Filipino-made,” Bargola said.

Vergil Jurado Bargola, Founder and CEO of VeMoBro

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Vergil Jurado Bargola

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“Every time you sell and purchase an item at the VeMoBro website, you’re helping the country’s economic recovery and development. In VeMoBro, sariling atin ito kaya’t isa siyang paraan para maghatid ng pag-asa,” he added.

Interestingly, Bargola, who is also a pastor and lecturer in a Christian organization. He shared that his inspiration for VeMoBro is a personal creed to foster empathy, inclusion, and compassion through business and faith.

“Our values are strong, but that’s only the beginning. We also aim to provide superior services to online sellers and customers through hassle-free transactions, fast logistics, and a wide range of products,” Bargola shared.

VeMoBro, which launched online in December 2020, aims to be the preferred marketplace for buyers and sellers in the Philippines. Sellers will benefit from its seamless onboarding system, enhanced delivery services for local and foreign markets, and efficient customer service systems.

Empowering Filipino MSMEs

While the e-commerce company is fairly new, Bargola knows who is his primary target market and what options they can have with the VeMoBro platform.

“Our customers have a variety of options. Buyers can proceed to VeMoBro’s online marketplace where they can get exclusive discounts and deals on a variety of products, including food, essential items, gadgets and accessories, automotive products, and more. Apart from that. customers also have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment option whether through cash-on-delivery, online banking, e-wallet payment through GCash, GrabPay, and, and Dragonpay,” Bargola explained.

The company also has fail-safe features to ensure that there are no fake products or scams in the VeMoBro marketplace. 

Bargola laments, “One common concern that we see in online buying and selling are fake products and scams, and unfortunately not many measures are being made to address these on other platforms.”

“At VeMoBro, we move differently. We not only prioritize the profit but also people – and that means investing in mutually beneficial relationships with genuine sellers,” he shares, adding: 

“VeMoBro, after all, is a marketplace and also an incubator to grow businesses. We want to see more new Pinoy entrepreneurs. We want to see them sell online and help them succeed. We want to do it better than our competitors by responding to the needs of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy that can inspire others.”

Though currently on its beta testing stage, VeMoBro is inviting more sellers to bring their marketplaces online. New sellers can avail of their Welcome Deal – a 0% commission rate for a limited time – as well as free advertising perks on the VeMoBro website.

Sellers interested to sign up for the platform can visit for more details.

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