Fintech Alliance INDX Summit 2.0 reinforces digital transformation, inclusion

By: Manila Times

Source:  Manila Times

IN cooperation with Enderun Conferences, FinTech Alliance.PH recently hosted the second edition of the Inclusion and Digital Transformation (INDX) Summit at the Enderun Tent in McKinley Hill, Taguig City from Nov. 22 to 23, 2022.

“This monumental event is the gathering of the Philippines’ visionaries and trailblazers. The past two years have been golden for the fintech (financial technology) industry in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia. It is only fitting that we reflect on our successes and welcome promising years to come,” said Lito Villanueva, founding chairman of FinTech Alliance.PH, and the executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.

Statistical review

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the value of the digital economy in the Philippines increased by 7.8 percent and reached P1.87 trillion in 2021. E-commerce erupted through the pandemic and continued to grow post-lockdown. Online selling transformed from being a side job to becoming a primary source of income. The main drivers of the digital economy, which contributed to 9.6 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product of the same year, included digital infrastructure, e-commerce and digital content.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Gov. Felipe Medalla stated that “in order to digitize more peer-to-business and business-to-business payments, the BSP collaborates with the payments industry to launch new innovative payment streams.”


For Department of Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno: “The Covid-19 pandemic has redefined what we considered to be ‘business as usual,’ [and] it also presented an opportunity for economists around the world to quicken the pace [toward] a more digital economy. Although there are strides to adapt to the new normal, there is still much to be done before it is able to reach the goals.”

PH through digital transformation, inclusion

GCash (Mynt) President and Chief Executive Officer Martha Sazon said: “Digitalization or digital economy is a very complicated value chain. It starts from internet connectivity, device availability and the various regulators around it, and into our space — fintech, e-commerce and the various economic services. In the complete value chain, you have the government in each and every step. But you have different private sectors participating in it. While we may provide advanced technology, best practices from our partners and execution, we need the partnership from the government to make it easy for us to participate and to increase the penetration.”

Indeed, as the Philippines transitioned to a new digital economy, the government continued to highly support the fintech industry and was moving in a positive direction by imposing standards and regulations.


During the speech of Sen. Mark Villar during the INDX Summit, he stated that: “[Although] the pandemic has revealed and brought urgency to necessary reforms in public health, social safety nets, disaster response and rural development, among others, what reinforces all these reforms is the digital imperative. Going digital is the way and the key.”

“We are ready to support further innovations for the more efficient, convenient and secured use of digital assets as well as to legislate to ensure that digital transactions are duly protected. Our hopes for a more equitable and successful post-COVID society involve the establishment of crucial digital economy pillars such as robust digital infrastructure, digital skills, e-government, e-commerce and an enabling legislative and regulatory environment,” Villar said.


The INDX Summit 2.0 was capped by the Fintech Alliance Ambassador’s Gala, which brought together key heads of missions and other international development agencies as well as regional and global partners.


Albay Second District Rep. Joey Salceda, who was also the committee chairman for Ways and Mean said: “Digital financial technology must be trustworthy. With more digitalization of finance comes the digitalization of the most predatory practices in the sector and its underground mutations. Technology can do so much, but its aim must be to create value and virtue in society.”

A number of pioneering initiatives have also been launched during the first FinTech Alliance Ambassadors Gala. These included the first off-campus Fintech and Regulatory Innovations Technology Program in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance by the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge in partnership with Mapua University and FinTech Alliance.PH; the launching of the BSP Gov. Nestor Espenilla, Jr. FinTech and Inclusive Finance Grants Matching Program; and the collaboration with the Ant Group’s 10 x 1000 Tech for Inclusion. The event also saw the oath taking of additional members of the board of trustees as well as incoming new members.

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