GCash and Maya Among Best Workplaces for Filipinos to Grow a Career, Says LinkedIn

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Fintech unicorn Mynt (GCash) and digital bank Maya has carved out a place in the top 3 of LinkedIn’s ranking for the best workplaces to grow a career in the Philippines this year.

The 3rd annual LinkedIn Top Companies had also featured other financial institutions including Citi and Prudential.

The top 15 ranking looks at components like how employees are advancing both within a company and when they leave, how they’re upskilling while employed there, and more — revealing companies that help set people up to get ahead in their careers.

When compiling the list, LinkedIn also considered factors like attrition and layoffs. Companies that have laid off 10% or more of their workforce between 1 January 2022 and the list launch, based on public announcements — or that have attrition greater than 10%, based on LinkedIn data — were ineligible to rank.

Here are the financial institutions in the Philippines that made it on to this year’s ranking:

#2 Mynt (GCash)

Most notable skills: Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Growth Strategies

Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Product Manager, Account Manager

Largest job functions: Engineering, Information Technology, Sales

About Mynt (GCash):

Mynt is the parent company of GCash and Fuse. It is a fintech unicorn best known for its development of the mobile wallet app GCash which has a user base of 66 million as of September 2022.

In addition to this app, Mynt also creates mobile platforms designed to provide access to various financial products and services.

Mynt has raised over US$300 million in funding pushed its valuation to over US$2 billion in November 2021.

#3 Maya (Formerly known as PayMaya)

Most notable skills: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Software Development Life Cycle (Sdlc)

Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Quality Engineering Specialist, Relationship Manager

Largest job functions: Engineering, Information Technology, Sales

About Maya:

PayMaya had rebranded as Maya once it had acquired a digital bank license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Maya is a financial platform that allows Filipinos to manage their money digitally. Its platform features an integrated financial services ecosystem.

Maya launched its services to the public in April 2022 and had onboarded more than 1 million customers in five months.

#12 Citi 

Most notable skills: Economics, Capital Markets, Investor Relations

Most common job titles: Quality Assurance Specialist, Financial Reporting Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst

Largest job functions: Finance, Information Technology, Customer Success and Support

About Citi:

Citi is a global banking institution offering a wide range of financial products and services. In the Philippines, Citi Solutions Centers provides voice and non-voice customer support services for Citi affiliates, subsidiaries, and branches in other countries.

In August 2022, Citi completed the sale of its Philippines Consumer Business to the UnionBank of the Philippines in a deal worth about US$700 million.

#14 Prudential

Most notable skills: Investment Banking, Insurance, Economics

Most common job titles: Financial Advisor, Financial Consultant, Insurance Agent

Largest job functions: Finance, Operations, Sales

About Prudential plc (Pru Life UK):

Prudential plc is a global insurance provider with offerings covering life, health, accident, and casualty insurance, among other financial services.

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