Experian Teams up With FinScore for Alternative Data Scoring in the Philippines

Experian, a consumer financial data service provider, has partnered with FinScore, an alternative credit scoring provider, to help financial institutions reduce high default rates and prevent fraudulent activity, whilst simultaneously bridging the financial inclusion gap for unbanked individuals in the country.

Banks and financial institutions that utilise the telco scoring product, Experian PowerScore, will be able to vet the unbanked population and gain access to more relevant financial products and services that they need.

FinScore’s scoring models is based on telco data with over four hundred telco variables as data and voice usage, top-up patterns, location, and SIM age, among others which is combined with its machine learning algorithms’ such as Gradient Boosting and Neuron Networks.

It is said to have powered the telco credit scores of over 3.5 million Filipinos and over USD 500 million worth of loans have been disbursed in the Philippines.

Diana Krumova, Founder and CEO, FinScore
Diana Krumova

“FinScore and Experian have exhibited rapid growth in their respective expertise and markets. We have over seven years of experience in serving the Southeast Asian market. On the other hand, Experian has a notable track record in creating process and global presence.


Experian PowerScore is the product of FinScore and Experian’s dynamic synergy. The launch of this partnership is a feat that banks, financial institutions, and lending companies in the Philippines will be excited about.”

said Diana Krumova, Founder and CEO, FinScore.

Mohan Jayaraman, Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Regional Innovation, Experian Asia Pacific
Mohan Jayaraman

“Our collaboration with FinScore across our alternative data suite of risk decisioning solutions brings together and leverages a next generation approach to risk assessment involving individuals who may have yet to participate in accessing formalised credit.

Together with ecosystem partners, Experian is focused on empowering these unbanked and underbanked communities in their first steps to access credit,”

said Mohan Jayaraman, Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Regional Innovation, Experian Asia Pacific.

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