Angkas resumes operations under extended pilot study

The government has issued a provisional authority to Angkas for it to resume the operations of its motorcycle taxi services under the extended pilot program.

The provisional authority granted to Angkas, according to Transportation Assistant Secretary Goddes Hope O. Libiran, will be valid until December 9.

Angkas has to comply with operational requirements, such as the provision of insurance for both rider and passenger in case of accidents, as well as the mandatory use of thermal scanners before being granted a certificate of compliance.

“The technical working group may issue a certificate of compliance before the provisional authority expires should they complete the requirements ahead of time. The certificate of compliance will give them authority to operate during the pilot study,” Libiran said.

The two other players included in the study—JoyRide and Move It—have yet to comply with the requirements for their own provisional authorities.

To be granted a certificate of compliance, the motorcycle taxi players have to submit a letter to the technical working group that signifies their compliance to the guidelines set by the government.

Upon receiving the letter, the technical working group shall then conduct inspection and evaluate if the player is compliant.

If found to be compliant, the technical working group shall then issue a certificate of compliance.

To recall, motorcycle taxi players halted their operations on March 23, following the expiration of the pilot study for their legalization. In the Philippines, motorcycle taxis are not legally considered a form of public transportation, but is being pushed as one, mirroring trends in neighboring countries.

In the previous study, Angkas was allowed to have as much as 23,000 bikers in Metro Manila, 4,500 bikers in Cebu, and 900 in Cagayan de Oro. JoyRide has 15,000 bikers in Metro Manila, around 4,500 in Cebu, and less than a thousand in Cagayan de Oro. Move It only has 8,000 bikers who are deployed in Metro Manila.

It remains unclear for how long the extended pilot study will run, but Libiran said this will be tackled on  Wednesday at a Congressional hearing.

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