Young Techpreneur ramps up expansion, shares valuable tips to fellow-entrepreneurs

As many companies and entrepreneurs opt to wait and see given the fact that the pandemic is not just over yet, and another strain of virus just recently discovered.

While the vaccines are ready to be rolled out, many business groups see optimism for the Philippines in 2021, and apparently, the CEO and Founder of Barkero Developers, Vincent Hermosura shares the same forecast.

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS, the young techpreneur is bullish on what will happen to his tech business and in the country’s economy.

Raring to seize opportunities for 2021, Barkero Developers CEO and Founder Vincent Hermosura gears up for expansion

(Photo by Andrew Hermosura of The Unnamed Collective)

“Barkero Developers plans to expand this year. From a team of less than five, we are targeting to double to at least 10. To do this, we are allotting more effort into marketing. Since our biggest source of clients is thru word of mouth. We believe that the best marketing strategy is by providing high-quality output. We would focus on improving our skills, even more, to always make sure we are creating the best quality websites,” Hermosura.

Opportunities and Industries to thrive in the Philippines for 2021

Being no stranger to the dynamics of technology, Hermosura shared his fearless forecast for 2021 not based on what he sees on his crystal ball, but rather on his own experience.

“In my humble opinion, there are many opportunities await for those who are in the Logistics, Technology, Health, and Digital Products. These are the industries that I think will thrive this year.,” the CEO and Founder of Barkero revealed.

“I said it based on the adverse effect of the pandemic and what we need to survive and evenutally head to the road of recovery. Our experience with our clients is our basis. So what I forecasted is backed by empirical data and inisghts, and this is where others can also find the opporunity given the fact that we just started 2021, and down the road, many more opportunites will unveil. But as the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”, he added.

Interestingly, Barkero Developers shared their existinf clients and they hope to grow more in the process and here are the categories. 

  • (Health) Cannella Roastery, serves premium roasted coffee beans to established coffee businesses in the country.
  • (Health) Cardinal Buoy, a company that guides Filipinos in creating a well-planned finances. This group is lead by top registered financial planners in the Philippines.
  • (Logistics) STS Logistics, a company that ships packages from South Korea to Philippines.
  • (Digital Products) Blink Digital,  a customer experience company and we help business leaders to make data-driven decisions, convert those decisions into meaningful action.
  • (Digital Products) Appcentric Solutions Inc. an enterprise that implements SAP products to the top 500 corporations around the archipelago.
  • (Digital Products) The Unnamed Collective, a pioneer in mobile film making and photography.

‘Wait and See’ tactic of entrepreneurs

Observing that many entrepreneurs would rather wait and see before they take a bold step either on expansion and aggressive marketing, Barkero takes a different approach.

“Not to sound selfish, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to expand. It was during the mid-pandemic when we started getting more projects (in addition to our existing but paused projects),” Hermosura said.

“It was a great push for us that we are “on a roll”, but more than that, just like most of us, I have big dreams for myself and my future family. I cannot simply wait to do that. At this season that I am single, this is the only time I have and the best capability to work on my big dreams,” he added.

No Royal Road to Entrepreneurship

“There is no royal road to entrepreneurship. It is not as easy as what you see now that I and other successful entrepreneurs are enjoying. We shed sweat and tears, make personal sacrifices and a lot more and these are part and parcel of our journey,” Hermosura shared.

“Whether you are successful or a budding entrepreneur, find a mentor in each field where you want to succeed. I owe my success to these people who trusted me. I will be forever grateful, I am a nobody with only a big dream and a big desire to achieve this and do the hard work,” he added.

“Your mentors are the ones who will accelerate your growth and guide you to the path towards entrepreneurship. Have the humility to listen. When I reached my first million, one of the first things I did was to call my mentors and asked them what they did when they first achieved their million. Here are the messages I got:

  • Stay humble and patient. You will reach far.
  • When I earn big time. I just use some of the earnings to eat steak and re-invest the rest.
  • Start protecting (insuring) your loved ones.
  • Proud of you. Call me again when you reach your Php 5M.

“In my case, my motivation is not the money. Money will come when you are determined to do your business properly with a goal to help. When you help others, then they help you make your business grow. They become your ambassadors,” he explained.

“As the leader of Barkero, what matters to me is how I can make my business grown and also let those who are part of Barkero will also grow and have a bright future ahead,” he added.

“I hope and pray that all our projects in the pipeline will be realized. We at Barkero are targeting to achieve our 100M valuation by 2030 and to grow the company size to at least 10 developers and designers by 2022,” Hermosura concluded.

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