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Cortex Enterprise Solutions was built to empower Filipino businesses to be on par with the digital transformation of enterprises across the world. The company’s ultimate goal is to enable Filipino businesses to optimize and make their operations more efficient through technology.

Serving a variety of industries and business landscapes that have an immediate need for smart technology—from the F&B industry to consumer goods and retail—Cortex’s smart solutions are most suitable for businesses with multiple locations (usually hundreds or thousands) or businesses with single sites that are multi-level.

Its flagship product is the Helios platform, a cloud suite for smart building asset management and analytics, supported by hardware devices, which are designed to fit an infrastructure of non-intrusive sensors, gateways, and data hubs.

Functionality and foresight: these are what the company offers to Filipino enterprises. They enable businesses to streamline their property management systems and make data-driven decisions.

Introducing Smart Technologies to Filipino Businesses

When asked about the value of their products and services, Cortex President Shaun Byrne nails the pain point of most Filipino enterprises, “Imagine being the property manager for 500 fast-food restaurants or a building manager for a 50-floor commercial property with 250 individual clients, trying to keep track of electricity consumption and maintenance issues, as well as all day to day activities.”

When businesses partner up with an end-to-end smart technology solution provider like Cortex Enterprise Solutions, they don’t have to worry about property management. Cortex is able to provide the hardware, software, connectivity, analytics, and integration into a client’s existing systems with ease and compliance with local regulations.

So why choose Cortex Enterprise Solutions? Here’s a run-through of their best features and offerings.

Centralized visibility across a growing complex digital landscape. Access data and gain valuable insights on usage and asset efficiency through an all-in-one platform in which all smart devices are centralized.

Integrates with other digital platforms. Utilize different digital platforms and devices to control, monitor, and gain insights from your data hub. Leverage smart solutions designed by their partners such as Amazon Web Services, Ursalink, Netvox, and Orvibo, and have the ability to share smart data with your existing platforms such as BMS or ERP.

One partner for all small software and product needs. Choose from a variety of smart solutions and devices that can seamlessly upgrade your existing systems.

Products rigorously designed and tested for local conditions. Acquire smart technology that is specifically designed to fit the Philippine market, as well as address the challenges faced by most Filipino businesses in the face of a pandemic.

Local support for Filipinos by Filipinos. Work with a Filipino-owned company that strives to empower fellow Filipino business owners.

Backed by a reputable and known brand. Ensure top-quality products and services from a reputable brand—Concepcion Industrial Corporation—that’s known for years of quality craftsmanship and innovation.

Empowering Filipino Enterprises to Make Smarter Decisions

At the forefront of Cortex Enterprise Solutions’ offerings are the Helios platform and the smart devices. With these, business owners can utilize smart appliances, acquire valuable data, and leverage these to make smarter decisions for their business.

Power Usage Monitoring

Sky-high electric bills have always been a challenge for Filipino enterprises. The cost of electricity in the country isn’t getting any lower, so it pays to have technology that will keep track of power usage.

Non-intrusive devices like the Electric Meter Reader and Smart Pod work in tandem to monitor enterprise-level electric consumption. This granular visibility can help property managers predict, monitor, and make significant changes to make power consumption efficient and smart.

Indoor Air Quality and Virus Index Tracking

The launch of Cortex Enterprise Solutions also comes at a very timely manner now that the world is facing this ongoing pandemic. Smart devices like uHoo can be easily installed in offices, restaurants, and stores to assess the quality of indoor air, as well as monitor the conditions of the surroundings and detect when viruses have a higher chance of survival.

The world learned a lot about this Covid-19 virus, and it’s essential to ensure top-quality safety measures at all times. Leveraging these technologies can help business owners upgrade their health and safety capabilities for their customers.

End-to-end Data Solutions

What makes Cortex Enterprise Solutions stand out is their vision to make smart technology affordable and easy-to-use, even for non-techy business owners. “The functionality and application of our smart devices are enhanced further by our Intelligent Platform, Helios. It will use all the captured data to provide visibility to power consumption, asset efficiency, and indoor climate conditions, all of which are important to efficient property management,” AVP and Head of Enterprise Andretti Uy proudly notes.

Internet-of-things. Smart appliances. Non-intrusive devices. When you speak of these things back in 2015 Philippines, you were practically talking gibberish to Filipino families and industries.

Instead of veering away from this unfamiliar frontier, Cortex Technologies saw this as an opportunity to introduce innovation to the lives of Filipinos. With their vision of Building Better Lives and Businesses, the then-startup company introduced its first smart device to the Philippine market, Smart+Cool.

Smart+Cool is a smart plug designed specifically for Carrier window-type air conditioning units, which enables users to have remote control over their units through a mobile app.

That was how it all started. Their mission was simple in its early years: improve the lives of Filipino families with smart technologies that they can adopt at home. While all this comes to fruition and the team continues to scale up in capacity and technology, they come across a larger market where their innovative solutions can make a bigger impact.

Byrne looks back at the dawn of this opportunity, “What became apparent to us fairly soon after launching Cortex was that many of the solutions we were providing to Filipino homes were equally, if not more, valuable to the commercial market. Visibility and data on appliances, consumption and utility usage, and security all resonate very well with Filipino businesses.”

The team knew it was worth the shot. This opening paved the way to the birth of what we know now as Cortex Enterprise Solutions.

The introduction of smart technology designed for Filipino enterprises is an incredible pivot from the traditional way we’re scaling up businesses in the country.

“As Filipino businesses become more agile, cost-sensitive, and employee-focused, our solutions cater heavily to providing our clients with first-hand information that would allow them to make smarter business decisions,” VP and Head of Cortex SBU and Operations Flip Ruby emphasizes.

When done right, technology can drastically change the way society goes about its day to day life. The potential to elevate areas like health, education, safety, employment, and transport is already seen around the world, and this is what Cortex Enterprise Solutions wants to bring to Filipino industries.

Cortex Enterprise Solutions is managed under the Cortex Technologies Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC). For more information on their product and service offerings, check out their website or send your queries to [email protected].

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