Philippines Airline Cebu Pacific Opts for Cellpoint Digital’s Payment Platform

Cebu Pacific Airlines airline has selected CellPoint Digit to implement a Payment Platform across all its digital channels.

The platform called Velocity, will enable Cebu Pacific to ease the payment experience of its repeat customers by deploying stored cards in all its digital channels with a single sign-on.

According to CellPoint, stored cards will generate a double-digit uplift on the conversion rate and a payment acceptance rate far exceeding airline industry average. Customer satisfaction and the conversion will also be boosted by pay-by-link messages that re-engage customers who leave at check-out, and by a Multi-Currency Pricing feature that offers international travellers the option to pay in their preferred currency.

It is said that 70% of the low-cost airline’s bookings are made via the carrier’s direct digital channels making the move a necessity. Cebu had faced issues with its payments platform in the past making the customer bookings a complicated process.

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